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4 Reasons Why Wall Art Can Be A Great Gift Idea

Most of us really do our best when choosing a gift for the people we care about. It should be something that they would appreciate and would represent your relationship. At the beginning of knowing someone, this can be hard, but you can be more creative and daring with the years.

So here is a gift you could consider for your next gift shopping spree: Islamic wall art.

In short, wall art is a unique gift and shows that you know the person by selecting a wall art piece right up their alley.

Not sure yet? Let me give you some points to think about.

1. It’s a great conversation starter.

Behind each art piece, there is a story. The artist’s story, the story of why you choose that specific art piece for your loved one and not another one, what made you think of them when you saw that art piece. It could be a perfect moment for friends, family, or lovers to talk about the art in front of you and how you see each other in it.

2. It is meaningful
Did your loved one move to a different country or city? Then wall art can bring joy and colors to their home. If your loved one is going through some difficult periods, you can gift them a wall art with one of the names of Allah or an Ayah of the Quran to give them hope and be strong. It is not just art; it is the whole intention that comes with it that adds meaning to your gift.

3. It is customizable

Do you have your eyes on a specific wall art piece, but you are sure it will take up too much space in your loved one’s home? Usually, if you buy directly from an artist, you can consider customizing it. Or maybe you have a specific memory with your loved one that you want to replicate in a painting or illustration.

4. It will last

Most gifts make us really happy when we open them, but give it some time, and we will probably forget about it somewhere in a cupboard. With wall art, the exciting part lasts longer than only the unwrapping. Your loved one will be excited to find a nice frame that goes with it and to hang it on that perfect spot on their wall. Art is treasured; lovely and meaningful art tends to come along even if there is a relocation!

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