Islamic Art lovers can’t wait to see your creations

Saffirah provides muslim artists with their own branded shop page where they will be able to sell their creations to Muslims, world wide.

Easy setup

It’s super simple to set up your shop page on Saffirah. You don’t need to have a techie bone in your body to get a shop running. Need support for any reason? We are here to help you out!

Targeted customers

Saffirah is created for customers that appreciate Islamic arts and crafts as well as art created by Muslims in general. Our customers, although currently small in number are well targeted and therefore ready to engage with and buy your creations. Saffirah will also promote the vendors and specific products on its social media accounts.

Great value

Saffirah does the marketing for you! No need to try out all the sales tricks that are out there. We will make sure that your art is viewed, appreciated and bought. In return we ask for a 20% commission (excl. VAT). No additional monthly costs!

Powerful tools

Our tools and services make it easy to manage and grow your business. You will benefit of automatic deposits and secure transactions. If you prefer, you can leave the listing of your products on us, that way you can continue with your beautiful creations.


Make a good first impression! Show your brand identity on your own Saffirah shopping page through your personalized shop logo, banner and more.

A community of Muslim artists

Join the worldwide community of Muslim artists on Saffirah. Each with their own style, this is a great space to get inspired and learn from each other. Each vendor will be added to an exclusive and private Facebook community where they can ask questions and share knowledge. Saffirah will organize online events and workshops around specific topics.

What can you sell on Saffirah?

At Saffirah we hold strong to our Islamic values, therefore all products sold should have a direct link to Islamic concepts or to the lifestyle of Muslims (hijab, ramadan, salah, etc)

In Islam it is not allowed to draw human beings with full features, as this copies the creation of God. Therefore all art that includes human beings should be faceless or at least not have all face features.The Saffirah team will make sure that these guidelines are adhered to, however we ask all vendors to take their responsibility in this matter.

As we are all about supporting independent artists, we only allow (digitally) handmade creations

Do your values align with our values? Then what are you waiting for!


Have some Question See our FAQ Page as many Question are already answer there.

Talk To Us

Reach our support staff by email or request a phone call whenever you have a question.