How do I optimize my shop/products for greater visibility?

In order to optimize your shop and products for greater visibility, it is recommended that you follow the following best practices:

    • Add a good number of relevant tags (that describe your product, its color, the type of art, etc.). This will help customers find your item easily when searching for keywords. The more specific the better.
    • Fill in which categories your product belongs to (ex. home decor, illustration, calligraphy, craft, etc.). Include multiple relevant categories.
    • Add relevant specific attributes that describe your products (similar to tags). Please refer to ‘How to add (digital) products‘ onboarding video (start from min 7:50) for instructions on how to add attributes.
    • Add catchy short attractive titles. Include keywords that are easily searchable in your title.
    • Include multiple good quality images and include the best photo as the first upload.
    • Ensure your profile and product details is completely filled out (description, location, etc.).
    • Offer free delivery if you can. High shipping rates can deter customers from buying from you.
    • Include clear instructions on your policies or shipping methods.
    • Switch up and optimize your shop and products listings (such as the wordings, tags, etc) from time to time to ensure they are allowing for greater search visibility and can be found easily.


Please also see ‘How to get found in search‘ and onboarding video ‘How to add (digital) products‘.

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