How do refunds and exchanges work?

Each artist on Saffirah is independent. Therefore, refunds, exchanges, and returns policies will vary from artist to artist. All artists do not offer the possibility to return the art unless mentioned differently in the product description.

However, as part of our guarantee,  Saffirah offers 100% return of the product price when you are not satisfied with a product. #

For exact return policies per product, refer to the tab ‘Shipping’ in the description box of each product. See example:













If you and the artist can’t resolve a problem with your order, you are eligible to open a case. To do this, send us an email to admin[@] or use the form below. If it is about a past order, add your order number.

After you open a case, Saffirah can act as a mediator to find the best solution for you as a customer.

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