How to contact a shop/an artist

If you have a question about a recent order or a product, you can directly contact the artist.

You can do this through the chat button on the artist shop or on the product page.

How to contact artist from shop page

It is best to contact the artist in the following situations:

  • Make a change to your order
  • Check your order status (also visible on your account)
  • Request a refund or return (if the artist does not offer a refund, contact Saffirah)
  • Request a cancellation
  • Or if you have any other questions about your order

If you and the artist can’t resolve a problem with your order or if the artist is not responding, you are eligible to open a case. To do this send us an email to admin[@] or use the form below. If it is about a past order add your order number.

After you open a case, Saffirah can act as a mediator to find the best solution for you as a customer.

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