How to make product pictures?

For product pictures, please include 3-4 images including a close-up and a mock-up picture of the artpiece.

Definition of mock-up: how your art-piece will look in a real-life setting ex. hanging on the wall of a bedroom or living room.

We recommend that you keep the following guidelines in mind when creating your product pictures:

  • The art should be clear and visible.
  • The picture should be good quality and be taken in a well-lit area (best to be taken in natural light or daylight).
  • The entire piece should be showing in the picture. Please ensure nothing is cut off. For close-ups place the artwork on a plain background and it’s best to include an inch of space outside the art-piece (which can be cropped later to fit the image).
  • Look at other vendors’ shops’ as examples.
  • Take multiple shots (to ensure quality).
  • And remember, this does not require fancy equipment, you just need a phone or camera and good lighting and you are good to go.

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