What to say in a product description?

There is an option to include both a short (general) and long description (more specific). For the short description, please keep in mind that this is the first thing customers will see, so include key information but keep it short and concise in order to capture the customers attention. For the long description, you can go into more details and include as much information as possible about your product. When creating the product description, please consider the following factors:

  • Type of artwork (acrylic, digital. etc.)
  • The meaning behind the piece or what is it inspired by, give some background informatoin.
  • Categorie(s) of art it falls into (home decoration, wall decoration, illustrations, kids, paintings, calligraphy, craft, or geometric art)
  • The size/product dimestions
  • Materials used
  • Is it framed or unframed?
  • Is it canvas or print?
  • Is it ready to ship or needs to be made first?
  • Are there customizable options? (ex. color, etc)

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