ATTENTION All Self-Taught Muslim Artists Around the World!

Finally! A Guaranteed Method of Reaching More People Who Will Appreciate Your Art Without Having To Learn Every Marketing Trick Out There!

Finally! Ways To Reach More People Who Will Appreciate Your Art Without Having To Spend Thousands on a Functioning Webshop – Guaranteed!

Artist: Azahi Illustrations

Is This You? ​

  • You find that you’re lost with the number of orders that come through Instagram DMs
  • You’re losing precious hours wading through the messages and orders and want to claw this time back to make your business better.
  • You’re ready to step up your game and sell more art but you don’t want to pay $2000 for a functioning webshop.
  • You’re ready to work from a central platform where you can organize all of your art, orders, shipping, and followers.
  • You’re ready to reach out to even more customers but you don’t know how to run ads or to reach them through social media.
  • You’re fed up with having to manage the extra tasks that come with SELLING your art and instead want to focus on CREATING your art.

Are You Struggling With These Thoughts as an Artist?

Then please allow me to introduce myself and to tell you a little more about Saffirah! I am Hayate; I founded Saffirah, which is a marketplace for Islamic artworks. We’re here to help Muslim artists who are ready to increase their customer base while avoiding the hassle of having to try every sales trick out there.

Each artist that signs up for Saffirah gets their very own personal shop on the platform. From your dashboard, you can manage your products, incoming orders, and shipments. Yep, that’s right – just like when you have your very own webshop.

Saffirah Does the Marketing for You

Many people create wonderful artwork but simply don’t know how to reach and engage their customers with their finished products. The result is that it takes them far longer to reach the levels of success they wish to reach than it needs to. By using Saffirah you’ll find that all the hard work is done for you as we’ve removed the obstacles artists like you are facing.

You won’t just save time either. When you join Saffirah you also save on ads budgets as we create and run ads that bring the right customers to the platform. This is done through Facebook and Google ads to make sure your art is viewed, admired, and purchased! In return, we ask for a reasonable percentage-based commission on each sale.

Why Do We Do This?

I personally believe that Islamic art is part of Muslim heritage; we should be proud of it and start sharing it with people out of the Muslim world too. By creating Islamic art, we can show the world that Islamic art is not only about architectural buildings; it can be an eye-catching piece of artwork in your living room! It is art with value and meaning and by supporting it, we can all be part of elevating the level of creativity and beauty in today’s Ummah and for future generations. Also, by sharing Islamic art with the world, I truly believe that we can build bridges. 

Are You Ready To Join This Beautiful Mission and Start Sharing Your Art With the World?

Packages That Will Help You Reach More Customers and Contribute to This Mission

Benefits Sepia package
Easy to set up personal shop - no technical skills needed
Add unlimited products with no listing fee!
Easy to navigate dashboard with all the necessary info you need to manage sales
Become part of a great community for Muslim artists!
Choose your own shipping carrier and shipping rates
Marketing done for you
Commission 20% (excl. tax) commission - Only pay when you make a sale

Additional Services: Get a Great Head-Start and Save Even More Time!

We get you… You’re an artist but you might also be a parent, son/daughter, friend, and much more. Your time is precious and you don’t want to spend it adding products to your shop. Even on platforms where it’s easier to do so, there are times where everyone pushes away smaller tasks even when they’re critical. Understanding these time pressures is what makes Saffirah different. That’s why we’ve created services dedicated to saving you time. 

What’s exciting is that you can mix and match these as you like. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, click on the ‘chat button’ at the bottom right corner to share your thoughts. We’re always happy to help!

We can help you with:

  • We can add your artwork to your shop, including product descriptions, images, prices, variations (sizes, colors), and shipping methods. Just provide us with the important details and we’ll take the task off your hands! 


$1.25 per product

(delivered in 3-7 days)

  • Mock-ups are crucial for every piece of art. It’s the only way an online customer can imagine how your work will look in their own space. We can source high-quality mock-ups for you that do just that.

    $5 per 3 mock-ups. You can spread this over different artworks or use them all on one product. 

(delivered in 2-3 days)

Your product description needs to convey a story. Just giving a product a name and some metrics is not cutting it anymore. Based on a survey conducted with 50 of our followers and customers we found out that the majority are basing their decision of buying an art piece on the story it holds and the reason it was created by an artist.

But what if you’re incredibly creative with colors, shapes, and lines but not so much with words? Nothing to worry about! Our in-house copywriters will create the perfect product description for you! A description that not only entices readers but will answer all their questions and will increase the chance of purchasing your art!

$12 per product page. We will ask you some questions to get an insight into your product(s) to write a unique descriptor. 

(delivered in 3-7 days)

*If you mix and match these services, the delivery period may increase by a few days. We are doing some proper work here! 😉

Are you ready to make selling your art fast and easy? To get your time back so you can dedicate it to creating more art rather than worrying about selling it? Then join Saffirah now!

Stop worrying about selling your art and dedicate your time to creating art.

Join Saffirah now!

Save Yourself Months of Costly Trial & Error and Make More Sales by Joining Our Platform

Why waste months struggling along, trying to figure things out for yourself? Save time instead and get a much better result by joining Saffirah. Use our platform to engage with your customers and make sales. It’s like a shortcut that gives you several benefits.

What other artists are saying about joining Saffirah:

Start Showing Your Art to the World

Still have some questions before joining?

FAQ by artists:

As an online marketplace for Islamic art lovers, Saffirah aims to represent Islam through its products. All artwork should align with Saffirah’s values and have a direct link to Islamic concepts or the lifestyle of Muslims (hijab, Ramadan, salah, etc.). We do not accept artwork with facial features as that does not align with Islam; artwork on the Saffirah platform should be faceless. We only allow handmade creations that are your own, which includes digital illustrations, and which follow all our guidelines and ethos.

Saffirah accepts art pieces such as paintings on canvas or print, digital illustrations, and crafts (cards, signs, etc.).

Within our secure payment system, payments are split automatically between Saffirah and the artists. Artists get paid through Paypal, bank transfer, or Stripe by making a direct withdrawal from the dashboard. Payment processing times vary depending on your bank and your country.

Yes, absolutely. Once an order is placed your customers will be able to download your work directly.

Yes, your art is yours and stays yours! We will use the product images you provide to promote your work on social media but will make sure to give you the necessary credit.

At Saffirah we have one focus, Islamic Art. When you are this focused it becomes a lot easier to target the right audience. Other marketplaces in the art industry focus on art in general, which in turn means that there is a small number of visitors interested in exploring Islamic Art. Here at Saffirah we understand your target audience and make sure we attract these customers to the platform with suitable marketing strategies for Islamic art. Being a focused marketplace means more visibility for your products and a stronger likelihood of making sales.

We are based in the Netherlands but have a worldwide reach.