Why sell your Islamic Art on Saffirah?

Support Independent Muslim Creatives

Powerful tools

Targeted customers

You will find Muslim creatives and artists from all around the world. Each one of you is contributing to what Islamic art means nowadays. Saffirah will provide you with a community where you can link with your peers and and get inspired by their work. Next to this, we want to support you by reaching more customers and by giving you a place where you can showcase your work.  

Our tools and services make it easy to manage and grow your business. You will benefit of automatic and secure deposits through Paypal and live shipping rates for your customers. If you prefer, you can leave the listing of your products on us, that way you can continue with your beautiful creations.


Saffirah is created for customers that appreciate Islamic arts and crafts as well as art created by Muslims in general. Our customers are well targeted and therefore ready to engage with and buy your creations. Saffirah will also promote the vendors and specific products on its social media accounts.


Great value

Easy set up


There are no monthly costs! You only pay commission (20%, excl. VAT) and payment processing fee after you make a sale.

It’s super simple to set up your shop page on Saffirah. You don’t need to have a techie bone in your body to get a shop running. Need support for any reason? We are here to help you out!

Make a good first impression! Show your brand identity on your own Saffirah shopping page through your personalized shop logo, banner and more.