Artists Of The Month


Artists Of The Month


What customers say about our art


“Good quality product! Love the colors and Islamic calligraphy.”

Fahad EruCustomer

“Perfect minimalist piece that I had been looking for, represents both my faith and my aesthetic taste. thank you’’

A. AshrafCustomer

“BEAUTIFUL!!! This piece is eye-catching, quality work! I love that it’s a hand painted original and not a digital print.’’

What does Saffirah stand for?

Support Independent Muslim Creatives

You will find Muslim creatives and artists from all over the world. Each one of them is contributing to what Islamic art means nowadays. All the art & craft is (digitally) handmade. By supporting this community you are enabling them to do the thing that they love the most: representing their faith through art!

Modern & Meaningful Islamic art

The art and crafts found on Saffirah stay true to the Islamic values, while at the same time incorporating the aesthetics of modern times. The art represented does not portray faces and has a direct link with Islam or the Muslim Lifestyle. The artists all have their unique style so we are sure you find something that matches yours.

Be an ambassador of your faith

Our purpose is to show a different angle of Islam, one that is focussed around beauty, creativity and unity. Islamic Art is no longer something you only find in the Islamic architecture. The concepts of Islamic art are timeless and can be incorporated anywhere. Our goal is to uplift the level of Islamic art in the world.

"…(Such is) the artistry of Allah, Who disposes of all things in perfect order…"

(Quran 27:88)

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